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Consign to Oblivion

Co-choreographed with Stephanie Arias.

This piece is about the process of losing a loved one with dementia. It was inspired by my grandfather who passed away earlier that year from Alzheimer's disease. I am the dancer in all white on the left.


What Have I Done

Co-choreographed with Veronica Greydak.

This piece is about a crazy scientist who creates a monster that comes to life. It was our spin on Frankenstein. I am the soloist.

You Will Never Know

I choreographed this piece for my Choreo II class my Junior year of college. My cast was made up of fellow students at Elon University, and  the piece is inspired by various stories my dancers shared about having to always explain themselves to everyone around. We often get asked "Why do you want to dance" or "What are you going to do with dance after college", and this piece is our physical  and emotional response to those questions.



I choreographed this piece my freshman year of college for Elon Danceworks Spring Showcase. In this piece, the dancers play various instruments and together create a symphony. 



I choreographed this piece my sophomore year of college for my Choreo I class. The piece is about healing your wounds after an abusive relationship, and learning to not let your past define the future you want to create for yourself.

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